Clean Eating Advent Calendar – Chocolate Bark with Roasted Nuts

Christmassy Clean Eating Recipe: Chocolate Bark with Roasted Nuts
Almost everyone loves chocolate. But of course, not everyone loves the same flavours. While some love whole milk chocolate with whole nuts, others prefer bitter chocolate with vanilla. My personal favourite is 100 % cacao chocolate with hazelnuts. But since I haven’t found such a chocolate at the supermarket or wholefood shop, I create my favourite Clean Eating chocolate on my own.


Clean Eating Advent Calendar – Energy Balls with Figs, Hazelnuts and Cinnamon

Clean Eating Snack - energy balls with figs, hazelnuts and cinnamon
When I was a child, we had an advent calendar every year. First, they were filled with toys, later with chocolate, pictures or one year even with small semi-precious stones. We still have an advent calendar every year – either one per person or one that we share. The last few times, it was filled with vouchers, delicious recipes, nuts or energy balls. Since we decided to follow a balanced diet, I don’t like the taste of „normal“ sweets anymore, because they are far too sweet. That’s why they no longer come into question as advent calendar fillers. Nevertheless, I have a sweet tooth and am most happy when there’s something sweet in my calendar. A Clean Eating Advent calendar would just be the perfect solution. With small treats made with natural ingredients without refined sugar.