Fall Salad with Olives and Grilled Cheese

Healthy Fall Salad with Olives and Grilled Cheese
Finally, the penny dropped: I’m officially a salad fan. I’ve tried to get into salads for years, but always failed because I didn’t like the taste. But recently, I finally discovered the secret of a great salad: you need at least one central ingredient that you really love. My favourites are currently olives, roasted nuts and grilled cheese or feta cheese. That’s why I created a healthy fall salad with these favourites which is considerably addictive and can be served as main course.


Tropical Trail Mix – Healthy Snack with Mango and Coconut

Tropical trail mix - Healthy snack with mango and coconut
I just can’t believe that summer has come to an end. But the arrival of fall was not a surprise. Throughout the last weeks, it got slowly colder and fall gradually set in. But still, saying goodbye to summer doesn’t come naturally to me. In summer, my head is filled with so many recipe ideas that I can’t even realize all of them. And now it’s September again and it’s time for warm soups, creamy risotto and a few pumpkin recipes. To preserve the summer vibes a little longer, I’d like to share a last summer recipe with you. I shot this tropical trail mix on a very hot day on our balcony. Back then, it was impossible to think of fall. The snack mix with coconut chips, dried mango and almonds is a perfect little snack to go, for the office or at home and gives you enough energy until the next meal.

This recipe is also available in German.

Chocolate Nut Power Bowl with Quark and Berries

Healthy Breakfast Bowl with chocolate, nuts, quark and berriesThis summer, I’m addicted to nicecream again and could just eat it all the time. My favourite version is made with raw cacao and peanut butter with fresh berries. Since nicecream isn’t filling enough, we love eating a power bowl for breakfast lately. We just mix some frozen bananas, low-fat quark and some rolled oats and add some grated coconut, cacao, vanilla or cinnamon. This breakfast meets all my protein needs and keeps me full until the next meal. I often vary the toppings to make every bowl different. Fresh fruit, in summer preferably strawberries and peaches, rolled oats or homemade granola without refined sugar are always a good choice. But you can also add nuts, coconut flakes or cacao nibs to your breakfast bowl.