Milkshake Monday – Healthy Chocolate Milkshake with Nuts

Milkshake Monday Chocolate Milkshake with Nuts
Summer is finally here! I’m back from my little blog break to start my favourite season of the year and I’ve got many new recipes and language tips for you. This summer, I’ve fallen in love with nicecream again. Last year, I already shared two smoothie bowl recipes (a tropical smoothie bowl and a red smoothie bowl) as well as my favourite nicecream recipe with you and this year, I’d like to show you even more ideas for refreshing summer drinks.

Carrot Cake Muffins – Guest Article by ReiseSpeisen

English Carrot Cake Muffins - Guest Article by ReiseSpeisen
I can’t believe that the last blog birthday from Gib mir vier was already one year ago. I can still remember how I celebrated my first blog birthday with my favourite banana bread. And I still love creating new recipes, taking pictures and blogging and every single like, every follower and every comment make me so happy.

This year, I invited the lovely Alex from the German blog ReiseSpeisen to my birthday party. Alex writes on her blog about recipes from all around the world. Every time I browse through her blog, I feel like I just travelled the whole world in a few minutes. Today, Alex brought a super yummy recipe for English Carrot Cake Muffins with her.

Chocolate Peanut Proats – Oatmeal with Quark and Chocolate for Breakfast

Chocolate Peanut Proats - Oatmeal with quark and chocolate for breakfast
Chocolate for Breakfast? Now that we just decided to eat healthier and do more sports in 2017? In my opinion, the most important thing about our objectives is not to have big ones, but to cut them down so that they’re actually achievable. We will only reach our goals, if we implement small changes in our daily routine. As a big chocolate lover, I want to eat healthily, but don’t want to miss my beloved chocolate. So I decided to find a compromise by eating dark chocolate with at least 90% cacao instead of whole milk chocolate which is far too sweet. You don’t have to worry, you’re getting used to the bitterness quite fast. A yummy breakfast which I found on the German Blog „Projekt Gesund Leben“ from Hannah Frey, is a new version of the good old oatmeal: proats.