Mix a wish blog event: Almond Kiss Smoothie

Almond Kiss Smoothie: Almond kisses apple, pear and banana
From the moment I heard of the “mix a wish – Happy Smoothies” blog event from the German Bloggers Voll gut & Gut voll and What makes me happy, I knew that I wanted to participate in it since I always loved smoothies, especially when they contain lots of fresh berries. But unfortunately you can hardly buy fresh berries in winter in Germany. So the solution was to create a winter smoothie. But how should it taste like? Fruity, nutty or should I create a green smoothie?

blog event mix a wishOne of the conditions of participation in the blog event was to use a banana or an apple. Therefore I thought about whether to include an apple or a banana and finally decided to use both fruits. And it seemed to be the perfect opportunity to try the long awaited self-made almond butter in a smoothie.

The result of my experiments was this filling and healthy creation:

Almond Kiss Smoothie

Ingredients for 2 glasses each 250ml

1 pear
1 apple
1 banana
100 ml almond milk
1 tablespoon almond butter
Some ground vanilla

Almond Kiss Smoothie: Almond kisses apple, pear and bananaPreparation

Peal the banana, wash the apple and the pear and cut off a few slices to decorate the smoothie. Blend the fruits with the other ingredients in a blender. Finally pour the smoothie in a glass and garnish it with the sliced fruit.

I love this recipe because it contains fruits and nuts and which makes it a perfect drink for breakfast or a quick snack in the afternoon. Besides it doesn’t only still your hunger, but also furthers your concentration.

Almond Kiss Smoothie: Almond kisses apple, pear and bananaWhile travelling I often experienced in restaurants and bars that smoothies which contained only fruits contained also additional sugar. That’s why I wanted dot show you a recipe without added sweeteners or sugar, since the natural sweetness of the pear, the apple and banana is already sufficient.

German Version


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