Buckwheat porridge with almonds and vanilla

Healthy breakfast: Buckwheat Porridge with Almonds and Vanilla
In winter I appreciate a warming breakfast with nuts and lots of fruit. That’s why I prefer eating porridge, polenta or granola pudding. A few weeks ago I discovered buckwheat groats in the supermarket and wanted to try them for breakfast. And I was actually convinced after the first bowl of self-made buckwheat porridge that it was a great alternative to regular porridge. Since then I eat it almost every morning, topped with different nuts and fruit. Therefore I decided to share my favourite combination with you: buckwheat porridge with almonds and vanilla, topped with pomegranate seeds.

Buckwheat porridge with almonds and vanilla
Serves: 2

10 – 20 g ground almonds
500 ml whole milk
Some ground vanilla


Sliced almonds
Pomegranate seeds

Healthy breakfast: Buckwheat Porridge with Almonds and Vanilla

Combine the buckwheat groats, the ground almonds and the milk in a pot, bring it to cook and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. Then add the vanilla carefully. Pour the porridge in a bowl and top it with almonds, sliced almonds and pomegranate seeds.

Healthy breakfast: Buckwheat Porridge with Almonds and Vanilla
I love this meal, because it doesn’t take you that much time and therefore it is also great as a weekday breakfast. It’s also a great meal for those who can’t eat gluten since buckwheat is no cereal and therefore it’s gluten-free.

If you don’t like almonds, you can use other nuts or serve your porridge with nutbutter. One of my favourites is also the combination of buckwheat porridge with self-made hazelnut butter which is made of only one ingredient: roasted hazelnuts.

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